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Builders & Devloper Services

Working with developers and builders is a part of our business where we can truly make a difference.  Regardless of whether you are a seasoned developer or a new developer, Exclusive Association Management (EAM) has a Developer Package that will greatly assist your planning. As developers we know you are busy securing the right land whether it be in a take down or bulk deal and working with a myriad of provisions that will facilitate approvals for your community.

While you are securing permits, county approvals, legal procedures and lining up builders, we can be at work for you.  EAM can provide input to your covenants that will serve you and your builders too. Having solid covenants and bylaws will help secure homeowners now and in the future.  We also provide budgets to make sure your community is financially sustainable, and dues are set at the correct rate, so you don’t have to fund the HOA while still retaining declarant rights.

      When it comes to the builders, whether you have your own sales team or an outsourced sales team, we will train them to be equipped to handle those questions about the community HOA and the benefits they will enjoy from the Association.

      With Exclusive Association Management whatever your stage of development and building, you have a competent expert in your HOA/COA partner that can save you time and money. In addition, we also provide closing letters. Collecting the accurate money at closing is essential to setting your HOA up for financial success. 

      At Exclusive, we know that communities are about housing, but they are also very much about the people and the neighborhood they buy into.  We have worked hard for seventeen years in the Atlanta Metro market to become known as one of the top service providers. We are independently and locally owned.

We believe in “Putting the Unity in Community” ®.

For further information, please call us at 770-949-5663

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