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Community Association Management

Due to the millions of  homeowners living in the Atlanta area in an HOA (Homeowners Association), Condominium or Cooperative, the facts of living in a community are important.  It is estimated that 2,500–3,000 planned community associations will be created in the U.S. this year. By the end of 2020, the total number of U.S. community associations will range between 352,000—354,000. This is an impressive number.  In Georgia, these numbers equate to 2+ Million owners living in over 800,000 homes within nearly 11,000 associations (either HOA's, Condominiums or Cooperatives). They will need a professional, sometimes referred to as "property management" or "community association management". 


Additionally, over 60+% of all new home construction in 2020 is estimated to be built on land deeded with one of the three types of associations —  a planned community (also called a Homeowners Association or HOAs),  a condominium community, or in a housing cooperative.


All these facts require you as a member or leader of your association to be knowledgeable.  Its important to have the right partner in your journey with the right Association Management company!

Community Association Management is a specialty in the  real estate realm.  It can get sometimes confusing knowing what is important and required while living in an HOA or Condominium Association, much less leading an  HOA or Condominium Association as a member of the Board of Directors.  That’s why it’s crucial to take an informed and well-planned out approach. Exclusive Association Management is here, in Atlanta, to guide you through the process every step of the way, and provide all the resources and services you need.

We assist with helping Board Members, Developers and homeowners by putting the "unity" in the community.  It is important you like where you serve, live and build.  The management company matters!  

Our expertise will guide you through the sometimes tedious, legislation you need to be able to lead from and follow. We are your support. 

Take action now to help your community. Request a no obligation quote today. 


Honest Reviews

“I was nervous about renting my home, but Exclusive Association Management really helped me find the perfect tenant that is actually taking care of my home as I would. I learned so much about the different requirements from  a landlord responsibility that I would have never known or be able to achieve without Exclusive's help.  If you are looking for a conscientious property manger, Exclusive is it!”

Frankie Bolder

“I volunteered for my HOA Board.  I thought I knew enough about what was expected of me as a volunteer.  Exclusive Association Management focuses on ethics and risk management to keep our community on track. We could not do it without them.

Quinn Davis

“I was transferred with my job and needed to find a place fast. Exclusive Association Management really helped me find my place here. I learned so much about the different neighborhoods and social opportunities and found the home that’s right for me.”

Sandy Williams

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