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Why Did You Put “John” in Charge of our HOA?

As an HOA Management Company, we get many questions as you might assume.

However, recently we had this one we had never heard before. A homeowner called our office and asked “Why did you put John in charge of our HOA”? So, to both protect “John” and us, we decided to answer it here.

Believe it or not, having homeowners active in the HOA is a goal we are constantly working toward. Many homeowners, who are certainly busy with their own lives and family obligations, are not particularly interested in getting involved from a time perspective. Or the other side of that is, you have someone who is really committed to having their community and property value protected, and they run for the Board and are elected. Then there are three to five or seven community volunteers that are trying to work together for the good of the community. Depending upon leadership skills, their commitment, and the tasks at hand, sometimes the Board consists of one person who is willing to take the lead. Being in the front, does not always mean they are a communications expert, have the personality to interact appropriately, or can motivate others to see their vision. It simply means they care and want to make a difference in your community and protect and grow the value of all your homes.

I encourage you to help your Board of Directors and honor the fact that they are willing to devote their time and effort for the good of all. Attend meetings, ask questions, read the financial reports and have patience with the things you don’t agree on. Most of all, if you don’t agree, take your ideas and thoughts to the Board, don’t just put them in the rumor mill for consideration.

Your community is made up of people from different areas, with different ideas and needs. If we work together for a common purpose, we are powerful. We all care about our community and the protection an HOA can help provide. Sometimes it takes patience and helping others in areas where they are not experts.

P.S. We don’t put anyone in charge. We work with the elected Board of Directors and follow their direction. Please support your HOA!

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